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A few random items to get us going!

Rowing Machines

If you want to get super fit, check out some of the most popular Rowing Machines. Take your pick… you can get these on amazon, but make sure to click on the Sender / Supplier information first as it looks like you need to contact the seller directly before buying:-

There is only one rating for the first one … new model? (not happy with delivery time)

But 533 happy customer reviews about the second one (grey one in the middle) … same supplier.

The third one – not sure what the difference is but has a different reference…

Happy Rowing!!



Check out this fantastic powerball gadget – perfect to strengthen your grip.

If you need some extra memory this USB 64GB is recommended by Amazon and has Prime Delivery.

We are going to try out this Philips Body Groomer, which is great value and gets 4.5 stars on Amazon!

Will lockdown bring out the creative in you? Check out these great quality sketch pads.

Now for some lockdown reading. Just try this one… you won’t regret it!

We are going to buy this resin clothes horse to check how strong it is in the wind.

OK, so today’s lockdown challenge is a jigsaw puzzle – a cheap and easy way to keep the family entertained for a while. This shark-themed puzzle will be a hot favourite with the children!

Buy at your own discretion. Check transportation costs and read return policies before buying.